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ESB 8.028S diskantti


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1.1″/28 mm Dome Tweeter

The 8.028S has the same features and technical specifications of the 8.028, but different aesthetic.

The 3-way speaker system with 8.028S tweeter is called 8.6K3S.


1.1″/28 mm Dome Tweeter

28 mm aluminum voice coil

High-grade neodymium magnet 

Torcon® soft dome

Ferrofluid cooling and damping

Acoustic resistance Qts control

Computer optimized design

Motor metal parts CNC machined 

Under-dome dB Cloth® damping material

Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm

Nominal Power Handling: 110 Watt

Transient Power: 220 Watt

Freq. Response: 940 Hz ~ 25 KHz

Sensitivity: 91 dB 1W/1m