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MPAK13HD Harley Davidson 99-13 6,5″ Kaiuttimilla

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Harley Davidson Touring pyörät vuosimallit 1999-2013

  • Kuuluu moottoritienopeudessa kypärä päässä.

– Moto720 4X150W Vahvistin.
– Moto602HD 6,5″ kaiutinpari, kompressio diskanteilla.
– Kaiutin sovitteet vakiopaikoille 5,25″ -> 6,5″
– Virtakitti, asennusvalmis.
– Singaalikitti, radion singaali->DSP->vahvistin->kaiuttimet
– Asennusohjeet

  • Suunniteltu sopimaan pyörään ilman muutoksia pyörän rakenteisiin.
  • Järjestelmään voidaan lisätä erillinen Bluetooth vastaanotin.
  • Järjestelmään voi laajentaa myöhemmin takakaiuttimilla ja/tai subwooferilla


Varastossa (voidaan jälkitoimittaa)

Videokuvaus MPAK kitistä. Kyseisellä videolla MPAK14CX.

MPAK13 HD sisältö vastaava.
Sisältää 99-13 pyörään tarvittavat asennustarvikkeet.

Katso lisää videoita täältä

When it comes to upgrading the audio system on your Harley-Davidson Road Glide or Street Glide, you can trust ARC Audio – the innovators of motorcycle audio upgrade packages. For those with a 1999 through 2013 Touring bike, the MPAK13 (Motorcycle Performance Audio Kit) has been created just for you.
The MPAK13 kit starts with our MOTO720 four-channel amplifier. Capable of delivering up to 180 watts per channel, this amplifier was designed to make your bike’s stereo sound crystal clear, even at 70+ MPH. The sloped top of the amplifier allows it to fit under the stock fairing, and its physical design helps to ensure the amp won’t shut down, even when you leave the volume cranked for hours. Don’t let yourself be fooled by imitators – this amp has that detailed and accurate, low-distortion sonic signature that has made ARC Audio the choice for music lovers, enthusiasts and riders around the world. Designed for the motorcycle environment, the MOTO720 boasts an efficiency rating of over 96%! What does this mean to you as a motorcycle owner? More of the power from your motorcycle’s electrical system is fed to your speakers instead of converted to heat in the amp, so you can play your music louder and longer.
When it comes to speakers for your motorcycle, the MPAK13 currently offers two choices with versions of the kits optional with Coaxial or Horn Loaded speakers. For a warm, rich and powerful sound, choose the MOTO602 V2 6.5-inch coaxial speaker set. Designed specifically for motorcycle and powersports applications this version of the MPAK 13 kit comes with the MOTO602-HD Horn Loaded Speakers. If you have to have the loudest bike on the block, the MOTO602HD speaker option in this kit offers a lighter woofer cone and more compliant suspension more than double the efficiency of these drivers. The tweeter features a unique horn-loaded design that extends through the center of the driver. The huge titanium tweeter diaphragm has a diameter of 1.25 inches. Whether you are rocking out to AC/DC or Zeppelin, your tunes will come through loud and clear, even with the throttle cranked on the freeway. The HD speakers include the same UV and weather-resistant features as the MOTO602 V2.
With a broad selection of speakers to fit your Harley-Davidson bagger, each MPAK kit includes speaker mounting adapters that make installation into the factory speaker locations easy without the need for any modifications to your motorcycle.
ARC Audio works directly with Harley-Davidson dealers to ensure our kits are designed with OEM-compatible, high-performance cables and connectors that make it easy for your installer to complete the installation. The MPAK13 kits include all the wiring you need to connect the MOTO720 amp to the radio and the new speakers. No wiring on the bike needs to be modified. Period. Your classic touring machine can be returned to stock at any time with no traces of it ever having been upgraded.
If you are looking to take the MPAK audio kits to the next level for the ultimate motorcycle audio system, add the ARC Audio PSM digital signal processor to your MPAK13 kit (sold separately). This processor comes pre-tuned to compensate for the radio tuning on the OEM Harley-Davidson Gen II audio systems. Even better, you and your technician have the ability to fine-tune the tone of the system to your listening style and preferences, just like the sound engineers do at a concert. The result is a system that is capable of delivering your music just the way you like it.
Note: Depending on the speaker and DSP combination you choose, the PSM may come in a separate package from the amp and speakers.

  • Designed for use with 2000 – 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide and Road Glide Motorcycles
  • Fitment Note: Pre 2013 models using the HD parts counter radios or any add-on system may experience fitment issues and/or require additional work to complete the installation process.
  • Designed and tested by factory trained technicians at Mitchell’s Modesto Harley Davidson.
  • MPAK kits are designed to fit directly into your HD Motorcycle’s factory locations in the front fairing.
  • No loss of space inside your side bags of tour pack.
  • High-Efficiency Non-Digital amplifier design works within the parameters of the factory motorcycle charging system.
  • Speakers bolt directly into the factory locations with no modifications or changes needed to the factory speakers mounting area.
  • Includes full step-by-step color instruction manual for an easy do it yourself installation.
  • Allows you to upgrade your HD audio system and still retain all factory handle bar stereo controls.
  • Wire harness and installation kit contents selected by Mitchell’s Modesto Harley Davidson technicians so that the stereo will not void the motorcycles factory electrical warranty. (At No Point In This Installation Does The Motorcycles Main Harness Need To Be Cut!)
  • Includes full plug and play input/output signal wire harness.