Our first and original offering, initially launched in 2005, and refined over the course of the past decade, the widely-acclaimed Legatia Series; the product that defined the brand and its quality.

Legatia is a truly high-end approach to in-car sound quality and acoustical performance. Legatia products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs or as component sets, allowing the end-user to design a custom system of Legatia products, or a combination of Legatia and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings. A multitude of possible two-, three-, and four-way systems can be assembled using Legatia products.

Legatia drivers are sensitive and perform exceptionally under high power conditions and its design allows for extended, high-amplitude listening sessions. Truly a high-end alternative for any audio system, Legatia is the enduring brand of choice for persons picky about their audio reproduction, or for those interested in winning world championships in organized sound quality competition.